Staff Incentive Programs

Encouraging staff to do what you want done, and to do it the way you want it done.

  • Employees do things for their own reasons, not those of their employer. Incentive programs give staff more reasons to take the actions that are rewarded. Sound planning results in achievement of corporate goals.
  • A fresh dimension on reward-based pay, increasing effectiveness of the at-risk component by presenting it In the most alluring form. In defiance of logic, comparatively low cost non-cash rewards are frequently more keenly sought than higher-value cash bonuses.
  • Bringing desired actions into sharper focus. KPIs may be clear and a vital component of continuing employment, but adding well publicised rewards to specific indicators consistently increases their achievement rate.
  • A highly effective change-management tool. Rewards to celebrate reaching new goals are welcomed, while the new tasks and behaviours required to reach those goals are quickly understood and accepted.

See Millbank's Incentive Services

Millbank’s Incentive Services


  • Incentive needs analysis & existing activity review with no obligation.
  • Incentive and loyalty program design, including strategy, tactics and budget requirements.
  • Planning and creating program websites to fit the design and creative theme.
  • Identification and negotiation with potential partners when the strategy calls for a coalition or multi-partner program.

Quantification & administration

  • Operation of online and offline incentive and loyalty programs.
  • Development and operation of systems for quantification of performance, earning rewards and flowing behavioural data into business initiatives.
  • Invoicing in accordance with the agreed budget
  • Paying suppliers.
  • On-line training resources including testing and rewarding knowledge of products and techniques


  • Program theming and creation, production and delivery of incentive and event advertising and promotional materials.


  • Full service reward fulfilment, including sourcing and supplying an extensive range of branded merchandise and individual participant access to airline and other travel industry promotional fares and offers*.
  • ‘Incentive Class’ group travel experiences.*

* Travel and associated arrangements provided by Cloudcorp Pty Ltd Vic. Travel Agent Licence 31411 IATA 02343633 or client’s licensed Travel Management Company.

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Incentive Class

Depending on the travellers expectations ‘Incentive Class’ needn’t be First Class or even Business Class. But it demands the best of the selected standard, impressively presented.

Treatment appropriate to VIPs… best available guides, coaches, facilities… cold or hot towels on transfers… thoughtful refreshments… all special dietary requirements catered to… airline seating as far forward as possible… check-in and other formalities smoothed and expedited… hotel rooms of uniform quality, aspect and size (never ‘run of house’)… minimum waiting times… liquor on consumption (not as a meal-and-liquor package) wherever possible… all courtesies observed.

Delivery of a memorable, high quality travel experience is imperative, both to generate goodwill among the qualifiers and to enhance allure of subsequent incentives. When funding is tight, long-term outcomes are inevitably better if the number of trips offered is reduced but trip quality is maintained.

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