Taking a fresh look at existing corporate positioning or marketing strategies, or considering new products or operations?

The rapid change of market influences from wants to needs calls for urgent review of consumer and channel attitudes toward products, their positioning, proposition and intermediary support.

Discovering and reaping the benefits of the best possible strategies for the future and immediately beyond calls for fresh thinking and the application of disciplines seldom available internally.

Millbank Strategists are well equipped for the task, with capabilities built on long-term and extensive experience in applying creative thinking and state-of-the-art resources to marketing across a wide range of industries.

State-of-the-art resources for strategy development

Millbank Strategists have extensive and current experience in the selection, specification and interpretation of techniques for gaining and researching insights into customer and intermediary needs, attitudes and behaviours: In choosing the right tools and using them correctly.

Deliberative Engagement is new to Australia, but has made a major contribution to radical marketing successes achieved in the UK by BSkyB, John Lewis, the BBC, the Office of Communications, Heritage Lottery Fund and Sainsbury’s, among others. Working with the UK pioneer Opinion Leader, Woolcott Research and Millbank associate MAR Consultancy are leading Australian exponents of Deliberative Engagement.

Millbank Strategists are well versed in the use of all traditional research tools – desk, 1:1 and group methodologies, omnibus studies, product clinics and predictive techniques. Particular importance is placed on ensuring the path-to-market is supportive and effective, frequently utilising MAR Retail Evaluation studies to monitor initial and ongoing performance at point of sale.

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Wide range of industries

Senior Millbank management, consultants and staff draw on extensive personal and corporate experience of working across a wide range of industries:
Accounting Services, Airline, Automotive, Automotive Aftermarket, Banking, Biodegradables, Biofuels, Cars, Communications, Confectionery & Frozen Confectionery, Construction Equipment, Contract Catering, Customer Loyalty, Dairy Products, Destination Resources, Directory Services, Driver Instruction, Earthmoving Equipment, Farm Equipment, Financial Information & Analytics, Financial Services, FMCG, Gaming, General Insurance, Hotels & Resorts, Interior Design, Life Insurance, Light Commercials, Luxury Cars, Luxury Hotels, Manufacturing, Mobile Phones, Motorcycles, Pet Food, Property Development, Renewable Energy, Retail, Toiletries, Tollway Management, Tourism, Trucks & Prime Movers, Wine and many others.

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