Corporate Information

Millbank Marketing Pty Ltd:
ACN 069 895 629
ABN 98 069 896 62.

Address for correspondence and invoices:
PO Box 438
Victoria 3147

Millbank Marketing Pty Ltd is an Australian proprietary company, limited by shares. It has and has had no connection with any other organisation in Australia or elsewhere in which the words ‘Millbank’ or ‘Mill Bank’ form part of the incorporated or trading name, except that Millbank Marketing Pty Ltd holds an exclusive licence to use the Victorian Registered Business Name ‘Millbank Events’, owned by Robcris Pty Ltd ACN 090 160 553.

Managing Director:
Libby Rolls

Where we operate

Millbank services clients throughout Australia and operates events for those clients locally and around the world.

Charging Policy

Millbank charges are based on the principle of recovery of direct costs and taxes, fee-for-service and value-add, with open-book accountability.

The basis and scale of charges for each particular job will always be discussed and client approval obtained before any commitment is entered into. Millbank fees may either comprise an agreed percentage of total cost or a firm sum quoted at the outset and varied only as the result of change in specifications or taxes.

Millbank make no charge for initial consultations and proposals.

Credentials and References

Senior Millbank management, consultants and staff draw on extensive personal and corporate experience of working across a wide range of industries:
Accounting Services, Airline, Automotive, Automotive Aftermarket, Banking, Biodegradables, Biofuels, Cars, Communications, Confectionery & Frozen Confectionery, Construction Equipment, Contract Catering, Customer Loyalty, Dairy Products, Destination Resources, Directory Services, Driver Instruction, Earthmoving Equipment, Farm Equipment, Financial Information & Analytics, Financial Services, FMCG, Gaming, General Insurance, Hotels & Resorts, Interior Design, Life Insurance, Light Commercials, Luxury Cars, Luxury Hotels, Manufacturing, Mobile Phones, Motorcycles, Pet Food, Property Development, Renewable Energy, Retail, Toiletries, Tollway Management, Tourism, Trucks & Prime Movers, Wine and many others.

Millbank Marketing treats client relationships as confidential, and many are subject to non-disclosure agreements. However, extensive references are readily available on the basis of the enquiring organisation being directly introduced by Millbank Marketing to relevant Millbank Marketing clients.