Product Experiences

Product interaction for consumers & channel staff: Sampling functions, drive programs & track days, experiences at sponsored events.

Potentially your most powerful marketing tool, the brand experience presents opportunities for channel partners & customers to personally engage with the properties, benefits and qualities of your brand.

See Millbank Product Experience Services

Millbank Product Experience Services

Concept & Communications

  • Definition or review of the marketing or communication goals of the experience
  • Development and implementation of experience concept
  • Development and management of experience theme, delivery and collateral materials
  • Suggestion, sourcing and despatch of physical promotional items and gifts.


  • Recommendation of experience sites and venues
  • Assistance in selection (including venue visits if required)
  • Cost negotiations
  • Contract review
  • Coordination of elements sourced from other suppliers
  • Quality audit and arrangement of required rectifications
  • Provision of rooming lists
  • Liaison and management of the ongoing relationship
  • Completion of Elements of Venue Selection checklist.

Guest Management

  • All elements of guest management, including assistance with list preparation, supply of the invitation and response process (online and offline), expediting replies; design, production and delivery of guest kits; production of detailed progress reports
  • Development and implementation of confidential guest or prospect selection, qualification and post-experience follow up; including liaising with dealers and interfacing with their IT systems or the provision of discrete stand-alone systems
  • Interfacing with client data systems with additions and updates to guest data
  • Obtaining and managing guest’s dietary and other personal requirements
  • Liaising with guests on travel and accommodation requirements
  • Meeting and greeting
  • Production and exhibition of table seating plans.

Delivery of the Experience

Pre-planning meeting with client to determine ongoing liaison plan, including:

  • Creation of a meeting schedule;
  • Definition of authorities and responsibilities of Client, Millbank and any other participants;
  • Agreement of approval procedures;
  • Agreement on nature, content and timing of status reports;
  • Ongoing delivery of items detailed in the pre-planning meeting;
  • Ongoing liaison with client management or client-retained suppliers involved in the experience;
  • Sourcing, design, choreography and management of dining, activities, experiences, presentations, speakers and entertainers;
  • Sourcing and management of all experience components and resources, including sets, props and audio-visual equipment;
  • Logistics management: arranging travel, meet and greet, transfers, accommodation, dining, activities, experiences and entertainment*;
  • Fulfilment of artist and performer RRiders;
  • Liaison with all involved parties (in sports days including competitors and their partners, clubs and component suppliers, scorers, referees and umpires, and referees, official bodies, sponsors and suppliers of corporate identification);
  • Spectator arrangements, peripheral entertainment and crowd control;
  • Production of OH&S Manuals and overall compliance with OH&S and HACCP requirements;
  • Specifying, sourcing and managing supply of all experience components;
  • Preparation and management of detailed Running Sheet, drawing on over 40 years of experience in experience management;
  • Preparation of running sheets and procedural notes and necessary instructions for client staff involved in hosting and/or delivering the experience;
  • Provision of suitably qualified Event Managers and Event Staff to conduct the experience.

Permissions and Permits

  • Identification of any permissions, permits and licences, impact statements or adherences required by federal, state or local government agencies, APRA, environmental groups or private bodies
  • Liaison with relevant bodies and members of the public to obtain permissions and/or ensure compliance and ongoing goodwill.

Community Relations

  • Identification of any elements of the experience in which local communities may have an interest, or which may impact upon them
  • Establishment of needs and solutions to maintain and enhance goodwill of the affected community towards Millbank’s client
  • Ongoing liaison and management of relationship with interested parties.

Travel and accommodation arrangements*

  • Negotiating and making all required travel and accommodation arrangements and reservations
  • Liaising with guests on personal travel and accommodation requirements
  • Production and progressive updating of departure and arrival manifests by port and passenger
  • Arranging and managing all flight and other forms of documentation
  • Arranging and managing on-site transfers.

Costing and Pay Function

  • Production of complete experience budget, with each cost as a line item
  • Billing client with detailed substantiation keyed to original experience budget
  • Ensuring supplier deliveries, scrutinising and settling supplier invoices
  • Billing and settling any guest-to-pay items.

Insurance Cover

  • Public Liability Insurance cover $10,000,000
  • Product Liability Insurance cover $10,000,000.

* Travel and associated arrangements provided by Cloudcorp Pty Ltd; Victorian Travel Agent Licence 31411 IATA 02343633 or the client’s licensed Travel Management Company.

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